Hillary Whitley

I just wanted to take the time to thank Wonda and James for the amazing work they did with Jameson! We sent Jameson to training because we need help with training and setting the foundation for this wonderful 10 month old puppy. He is on the way to being a well behaved member of the family. Our expectations were not only met but exceeded!!!! We were given great advice to use with both our dogs. Carl and I couldn’t be more greatfull!

Jessica and Midnight

First, I would like to say thank you Wanda and James for the amazing work they did with Midnight. For the past ten years I thought I would always live with Midnight’s extreme aggression towards dogs. I rarely took her on walks for the fear of her potentially attacking a loose dog in the neighborhood. I had to supervise her trips to potty because she tries to fight other dogs through the fence. While Midnight left for training, they sent me video and text to update me. I was also able to see pictures of her on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you so much for that!! I was blown away when I received a video of Midnight playing with another dog. I did not think playing with another dog was a possibility. Now that I have Midnight back, life is less stressful. She is able to walk off lease. Dogs, children on bikes, and cars do not phase Midnight at all on walks, she just stays on my side. I am so grateful for the time and effort you guys put into training Midnight and turning her life around. Thank you again.


From Caitlin Metz and Atlas

It is so good to have our Atlas home!! James has been working with us & with Atlas since he was just 12 weeks old. He has helped us to shape Atlas into a well behaved, sweet, family dog. Just like many German Shepherds, Atlas was extremely hyper & sometimes mouthy..especially inside the house. He grew sooo fast and we just didn’t know how to handle him. We decided to send him to James for the board & train program so that we could keep Atlas inside the house and actually enjoy him. We got Atlas back just a couple days ago and wow!! He is our same spunky and handsome boy, but now we have an effective and simple way to communicate with him. A way he can understand- thanks to James. His behavior is so much better, so much more controlled, and I feel like a weight has been taken off! It’s so great to not stress when guests come over and to be able to relax in the living room with Atlas laying at our feet calmly. We are forever grateful for what James has done for Atlas and for our family. — with Ricky Metz.


Marisol and Ms. Daisy

It’s been 5 months since Daisy trained with James. We decided to take her on a road trip to Florida. With all the new sights, smells and excitement, Daisy still continued to follow all commands. We only leashed her in required areas. Daisy also did great around other dogs and even shared her bed.


Terra Shrinkle

When Karma left us 3 weeks ago she was the most hyper & spastic puppy anyone had ever met. We couldn’t even let her around people, or even open the front door, because she would go crazy jumping on them. Now she is laying calmly in her “place” while we make dinner & take care of normal household chores. While it is her 1st day home & we know there are some challenges that we will have, it is so great to have a dog we can show off & allow around our family without worries. Thank you Wanda for the many hours we know that you put in behind the scenes (we saw you weeding while Karma sat out peacefully beside you & teaching her to jog with you! ) James, thank you for your patience with teaching us how to work with her. And thank you to your whole family for your time, patience, & love for our puppy!



From: Kim Hedrick

James is absolutely AMAZING! The extent he went to train our daughters German Shepherd was above and beyond anyone’s expectations. Her shepherd is now the most incredibly well behaved dog EVER! This is in spite of two spoiled misbehaved maltese and malshi dogs that she lived with for 6 months. Kudos James! You are the BEST! I GIVE YOU 10 STARS!!

Sheila Walden- Zimmerman

Duke has been home now for 3 days since he graduated from the Lonestar Training Program and WOW….just WOW! We are so amazed with his behavior and the confidence that he gained from being in James and Wanda’s care. Duke was diagnosed with SPS (Stubborn Puppy Syndrome) and his symptoms got worse when his big brother GSD, Ranger, passed away suddenly from cancer. We knew we needed somebody who could understand Duke and let him realize that its ok to be a good boy and not be so shy and scared of everything! We now have a loving wonderful puppy that listens and we can take peaceful walks around the neigherbood without our arms pulled off. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you James and Wanda for bringing out the best in Duke. You have seriously helped us to begin a new chapter in our lives with Duke after the death of our beloved Ranger. It means the world to us.



Vic Hudson

Well today we got Athena back from James and Wanda! They did a fabulous job training her, we are absolutely beside ourselves with her results. Athena has become the dog that I always knew she could be and the dog my wife always wanted her to be!! The hand over between James and myself upon Athena’s graduation was flawless! His professionalism and knowledge was amazing! The hand over to James and Wanda when I dropped her off was also no less than perfect. James gave me a tour of his facilities and introduced me to Wanda, who by the way is a fabulous woman who has as much knowledge and dedication to training dogs as James does. The entire time that Athena was gone at her training James and Wanda kept us updated with her progress, and continued to show her the same if not more love than we did while she was with them. This of course just made me miss her more, but what person couldn’t miss her. Thank you James and Wanda for your amazing job with Athena, I hope you continue to give these great results to other dogs and families that use your service!



Alexis Gonzales

Words can not express the emotions and the excitement I have bottled up inside of me. As a owner/parent, there comes days that we may struggle, fall short, and feel as if we are at that point of giving up. I have been a dog owner all of my life, but Marley was definitely like no other! We had gotten to the point to where I felt that there was no hope for Marley, destructive, mail man chasing, disobedient; you name it, we were there! Until I came across LoneStar Dog Trainer, and made the decision to place Marley in the care of James Hamm and his family! It has been the best decision I have made for both Marley and me! The change is phenomenal, and Marley is a completely different dog, he is now my hero! I couldn’t be happier, and now I have the opportunity to enjoy my dog to the fullest! This experience has been life changing for my entire family! Thank you LoneStar Dog Trainer! The best money ever spent!!!Image

“Special Delivery” Thank you Kristi Hedrick!

I recently received my pooch back from the amazing Lonestar Dog Trainer! Talk about an INCREDIBLE transformation!

Michonne came back to me with amazing manners and the best part?! We, or I rather, understand her dog talk now. The bond we have now since she has been back is absolutely amazing.

Michonne was the type of dog who would love to play keep away when she was being called. Now, with the simple command of, ‘Michonne, here!’ She comes RUNNING straight to me with that big ole doggy smile on her face!

We go on walks together, off leash might I add! And she stays on my left side exactly where she’s supposed to be!

I was worried that her personality would be totally different when I got her back. She was quite a goof at times, but let me tell you, the only thing that’s changed about my wonderful pup is her manners! She’s such an incredible dog now and I don’t think I could ever thank James enough for this amazing transformation!

And even as an added bonus! I knew I was going to be out of town when it was time to pick up Michonne, but I had plans to fly back to Texas, rent a car, and drive back to GA where I’m visiting family…well wouldn’t you know that James would be headed this way as well about an hour from where I was staying. HE BROUGHT HER ALLLLL THE WAY TO GEORGIA FOR ME. I don’t know many people that would do that.. so James, I and my entire family GREATLY appreciate it! You’ve been absolutely amazing! God Bless!

If you’re having any doubts or hesitations about using the Lonestar Dog Trainer, please feel free to contact me about my experience!

If you choose him…You WILL NOT regret it.

P.S – I’ll send the whole family picture soon! Promise!!

Kristi HedrickImage